15 Best One Day Trips Near Bangkok

Where to go for one day trip near Bangkok?

When you cannot just sit at home and feel like travelling somewhere just for a day. One day trips near Bangkok is always a good idea. See where you can drive not more than two hours per way from hectic Bangkok. Here is 15-destination-toppick for your choice of One Day Trips near Bangkok.


Saraburi may not be a popular tourist destination among tourists especially foreigners, but this town has more than that.

Saraburi temple

Saraburi also offers the Chrysanthemum Garden in Muak Lek district that is open all year, and sunflower fields are in many districts during December – January. Old dairy farm of Thai-Denmark brand so called Milk Land located on the same district in a shady atmosphere in the valley. There are dairy farm and other animals. You can buy products from the farm too.

When driving through, you will experience Chet Sao Noi Waterfall at Chet Sao Noi National Park. The waterfall is a seven-tiered one with 1-4 meters high each tier. You can swim and chillax there. Before driving back to Bangkok, about a kilometer from the first waterfall; there is another waterfall called Dong Phaya Yen, a low-level waterfall. There is a place by the water for you to sit and relax as well.

Saraburi waterfall

It is a one-day trip from Bangkok with many waterfalls and green areas for nature lovers.


Ang Thong

Thinking about where to go for one day trips near Bangkok, there is another place that should be visited especially those who like to visit temples.

Ang Thong is one of the central provinces (changwat) of Thailand.

Ang Thong is the province that has the largest Buddha statue in the world at Wat Muang. There is the second longest reclining Buddha in Thailand at Wat Khun Inthapramun, an ancient temple built in the Sukhothai period.

There are Phra That Chedi Si Pho Thong, an octagonal shape pagoda, with beautiful bright gold at Wat Tha It. Discover also an old church under the Bodhi tree to visit at Wat Sang Krang aged more than four hundred years old.

Wat Muang ( Ang Thong)

Besides temples, Ang Thong also has a melon farm to cool off yourself and try some fresh melons and various desserts. From sweet melon, Bingsu melon, melon waffle, melon ice cream, or even melon rice balls in coconut milk.

If you feel like eating a real meal, it is a must go to Wiset Chai Chan Market or Rong Thong Shrine Market, is an old market that has existed since the Ayutthaya period. There are also many savory dishes that are also difficult to find such as banana Thai waffle, Roast Pancake Wrap Candied Coconut. So, this town is totally different from the first place.


Talk about the province that has people with their unique speaking accent, no one would miss Suphanburi.

Buffalo Village is located at Sri Prachant District, Suphanburi Province

There is a famous tourist destination which is a Thai buffalo conservation village where you can experience the life of traditional Thai villagers and fun activities with the cute and very tame buffalo.

Next, Khum Khun Phaen is from folk stories Khun Chang and Khun Phaen. This place is a literature park with ancient Thai houses in a shady area, genuinely nice for taking a walk.

Suphanburi Province

And another famous place that you can walk all day is Bueng Chawak Aquarium, located on the edge of a large swamp, with many species of fish to watch, including fish tunnels like traveling under the sea. Outside, there are crocodile ponds, a zoo, and a folk vegetable park to explore.

floating market suphanaburi

Let us grab some delicious food at the Kao Hong 100-year-old market located by the Tha Chin River. The market is in a simple Thai Chinese community with many local Thai Chinese food and dessert too.


The 4th place where to go for one day trip near Bangkok, the perfect combination of nature and history of the Second World War Kanchanaburi has for you.

Kanchanaburi bridge

Not only popular for bridge over the River Kwai, the Death Railway, or Erawan waterfall; but also known throughout the world that there is still a retro town during the reign of King Rama 5 named Mallika. The place simulates the well-being of that era to experience such as the Thai waterfront house, authentic Thai food sold by vendors wearing Thai clothing. You can also rent a set of Thai cloth to wear too.

Kanchanaburi safari

If you love animals, there is an open zoo, Safari Park which allows you to get to know small and large animals up close by feeding the giraffes that will greet you in the car, or the scouts. You can enjoy a show from many cute animals.

Nakhon Pathom

Speaking of Nakhon Pathom, the first thing that people will think of is Phra Pathom Chedi that stands majestically with a height of over 120 meters and a base of over 235 meters.

Nakhon Pathom temple

If you look for a place to take beautiful photos in a nice flower field with Thai traditional vibe, Thung Bua Daeng is for you; the red lotus blossom there are blooming all year.

Nakhon Pathom red lotus

Switch to a classic mode for Thai film lover, there is the Thai Film Museum in Nakhon Pathom which gathers knowledge and various materials used in the Thai movie industry from the olden days to the present.

Nakhon Pathom

Another most classic place you should never miss, go back in time during Ayutthaya period in Rattika Old Town. The place used to be a movie filming near the Tha Chin River. You can walk, take pictures, eat food, buy souvenirs, and watch Thai performances.


Going to the town where is well known for unique glazed water jar with dragon patterns, Ratchabuti is great for where to go one day trip near Bangkok.


Anyone who is a floating market fan must not miss Thailand’s first floating market in Ratchaburi – Damnoen Saduak floating market. Due to its reputation and originality, it is full of tourists from all over the world. There are many shops at affordable prices to choose from, including food and souvenirs at the place you can explore the way of life of the real Thai people living by the canal.

Ratchaburi colorful village

If you like to travel to learn about the history of the town you visit, probably must go to the museum of that province. At Ratchaburi National Museum, you will find the unique old pink town hall. It is divided into five major parts: the geography and nature of the province, history and archeology, tribes and ethnology, heritage, and Ratchaburi today.

Samut Songkhram

Samut Songkhram is another province that is remarkably close to Bangkok.

Samut Songkhram

There are many famous places such as Amphawa floating market, and Maeklong Railway Market or so called in Thai as Rom Hoop Market is nowhere else in the world like this one. The origin of Rom Hoop is the seller need to lay the linen on both sides of the railroad and when the train comes, they must quickly close the spreading canvas.

For those who like ecotourism, you can go to Khlong Khon Mangrove Conservation Center to hop on a boat trip to see the ecosystem and the oyster and mussel farm.


Samut Sakhon

Province with views of Salt evaporation pond or Naklua in Thai, is where to go one day trip near Bangkok.

Samut Sakhon salt

You can learn how to extract salts from the school there. Start your trip with taking some fresh air on the red bridge, if you are lucky you can see dolphins come to greet you, especially during the month of November to January due to the wind and the saltwater blew them in.

Samut Sakhon drone view

Or anyone who likes to stroll and see small and large living creatures in the middle of nature, probably have to go to the Mahachai bay mangrove forest, where you can walk around on the bridge that is almost two kilometers long. Hungry? Then stop by Khlong Phor Phanthai Nororasing Market. There are lots of tasty food and local products you can buy before going back.


Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan is where to go one day trips near Bangkok highly recommended for nature lovers.

Samut Prakan ancient temple

You can take a bike to ride or walk in Bang Krachao. It is considered a green place that is the lung of Bangkokian. Inside you can also visit the beautiful Thai Fighting Fish Museum, Herbal Incense House, and the botanic garden.

Samut Prakan

Or if you are also seeking for excitement, you can go to see the show at the Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo. With a hundred thousand crocodiles inside, there is a terrifying show from the crocodile every hour. Another place that should not be missed especially if you on Instagram, you may see pictures from here on your news feed. Muang Boran or the ancient city is a replica of the ancient Thai city where you can enjoy brilliant art and architecture from prehistoric times to the present.


Chonburi is a great place to visit especially the beach without having to go to the far south, such as Pattaya Beach, Jomtien, Bangsaen; or even snorkeling at the nearby island like Ko Lan.


In addition, there are many tourist attractions before entering famous Pattaya city, whether Khao Chee Chan with the Buddha image carved on the mountain by laser, the vineyard nearby that has a slight Italian atmosphere, waterparks, four regions floating market, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, and Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

Chonburi sanctuary of truth

Once in Pattaya, you can visit the unique wooden temple called The Sanctuary of Truth, very stunning place located by the beach. Continue your trip by looking the city view of Pattaya at Pratumnak Hill. Make your last stop by eating fresh seafood before returning to Bangkok.



Chachoengsao may not be where to go one day trip near Bangkok that you will think of as the first option, but not that there is nothing interesting.


There are many beautiful temples, really one of the best here is Pak Nam Jolo Temple with a glittering golden temple by Bang Pakong river. It is built in the Ayutthaya period more than two hundred years ago as a memorial to the battle of Burma’s victory over King Taksin. Back to modern time for those who like stories outside the earth, Chachoengsao has an observatory too. At the Regional Observatory for the Public Chachoengsao, on an area of ​​over 36 rai surrounded by nature, there are observatory, planetarium, and botanical garden for you to check them out.

Chachoengsao temple

Before returning to Bangkok, let us go to Nakhon Nueang Khet the ancient market, which is a new market but remains lifestyle from 100 years back for future generations to discover. Inside there are many ancient Thai dessert such as Miang Kham, Deep-Fried Rice Flour or Khanom Fak Bua those are hard to find already. If you like crafts, do not forget to buy a piece.



Nonthaburi is too close to Bangkok till you will not feel like you are already out of the capital city!


Aside from Ko Kret which is famous for Thai desserts and local Thai food that is hard to find, there are also a pottery village, temples and the old community to visit. If you feel like chillax, Nonthaburi has a garden of Somdej Phra Srinagarindra on an area of ​​over a hundred rai to enjoy the walk. If you would like to see something else besides beautiful Thai temples around the town, there is also magnificent Chinese temple to see.

Nonthaburi market
Wat Borom Rachanaphisek or Leng Nei Yi 2 Temple is a Chinese architecture of the Ming-Qing period. Make you feel like being in China.


Pathum Thani

Pathum Thani will be your all time favorite where to go one day trips near Bangkok since you can come anytime.

Pathum Thani aerial view

Many people like to bring children to Dream World or the National Science Museum. Or anyone who comes with friends always likes to visit cafés, sip coffee, and enjoy each other’s company. There are many styles of café for you to choose as you like.

Pathum Thani palm field

However, there is still a place to visit that many people may not know yet; Wat Panya Nantharam. there is a striking beauty of reproduced gray Bodh Gaya pagoda with the stairs up like taking you to heaven. Below the pagoda there is the only 3-D image in the world about the dharma. It is beautiful, attractive as in modern art and helps people understand Dharma more easily.


Nakhon Nayok

Nakhon Nayok is a place where there is a green area for you to relax so it would be your great choice to get away from Bangkok.

Nakhon Nayok temple

There is a beautiful spot at Thung Na Mui rice field, with S-shaped wooden bridge stretching in the middle of the green field you can walk along. Moving to a temple where you can enjoy another walk through eight hundred meters long bamboo tunnels that occur naturally under the peaceful and cool atmosphere in Wat Chulabhorn Naram.

Or anyone who likes the greenery of the water contrasting with the sky, Nakhon Nayok has Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam or Tha Dan Dam, which is the world’s longest compacted concrete dam with a length of almost three kilometers to support the water that flows from Khao Yai National Park.

Nakhon Nayok rafting
You can go rafting, take a leisurely swim, ride a bike, or take a walk in this beautiful, spacious view. Another place to go when you are in Nakhon Nayok, a green market named Eden Farm is a market that focuses on nature and organic agriculture. Inside there are restaurants and organic shops decorated with wood and colorful umbrellas along the way. There is also a bridge in the middle of the rice field surrounded by digging canal which is very suitable for walking.


Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Close the list of Where to Go for One Day trips near Bangkok with the World Heritage City, Ayutthaya.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
Everyone knows the Ayutthaya Historical Park, one of the most famous historical tourist attractions in Thailand.

There are many temples and historic sites on an area of ​​three thousand rai. In addition, Ayutthaya also has the Bang Pa-In Palace, which is built with Thai-European style in a beautiful, lush garden. Continue with the Elephant Palace or Wang Chang Ayutthaya, that replicates the ancient city of Ayutthaya. You can ride an elephant to see the old town in a retro atmosphere there.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya face inside tree

That is all? No, you also can continue going back in time at Ayodhya Floating Market with the old town atmosphere, a place of conservation of Thai culture. There are food shops, souvenirs, activity like taking a boat to go around the floating market is also a fun thing to do!

One Day Trip near Bangkok

Taking nothing more than a short road trip or domestic flight, you will be able to get to these locations in a short time. Consider these places as Bangkok alternatives by Dealsee. Areas that you visit once you have already covered the typical must visit places of Bangkok. And with obviously less tourists at these cities, you can definitely enjoy much more your relaxed weekend getaways.

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