Best Time to Visit Phuket

We’ve said it before and we’ll definitely say it again: Phuket is an amazing place to go at any time of the year. However you should pick right accommodation, activities options and location to have the most of your time! Our team selected their own tips on the best time to visit Phuket for you!

Usually it’s quite warm in Phuket all year round with temperatures ranging around 26 – 34°C (79 – 93°F). Phuket’s weather is typically divided into two seasons, high ( dry) and low ( rainy) , with transitional periods in between.

Below, we’ve mapped out the most convenient times to go to Phuket, Thailand depending on how you wish to spend your memorable vacation.

High Season In Phuket

High season in Phuket runs from November to March, and these months are traditionally marked as best time to visit Phuket. While tourism begins to climb since October and drops off considerably by May.

During this period weather is absolutely perfect, combination of clear blue skies, calm ocean and a warm breeze that makes the temperature well balanced. This is the right time when you concern about blue sky and planning to spend most of your time on the beach.

Hotels & Resorts prices follow that trend with significant increment compare with low season. The most popular months are January & February when typically just 3-5 days in a month can be a short time raining.

Important to note that hotel prices are much higher around the public holidays such as Christmas and New Year.

Rainy Season in Phuket

The rainy season or Low season in Phuket falls between April and October. Despite some unlucky series of rainy days, there are still many sunny days with occasional showers.

Although you will grab better hotel deals during these months with one of the lowest prices ever, your movements may be restricted because of unexpected rainfall. However you can always have relaxing day with the best Phuket Spa to ease your soul and mind.

When to Visit Phuket to avoid crowds

May, June & September are Phuket’s true off-season. Those three months are traditionally the highest rainy period (September brings the most rainfall), which means you won’t find crowds in search of perfect beach weather and other sea activities. Also you’ll be avoiding the holiday months, as during those 3 months nothings happens around.

Best Months to Visit the Beach in Phuket

The best months for a classic Phuket beach vacation are December, January, February and March is the driest month on the island. The Andaman Sea is relatively calm during this time. Important to note that also the best months for snorkeling and diving, as rain limits visibility below the water’s surface and sunshine enhances the underwater unique experience.

Monthly Weather Overview

January 27°C Warm

February 28°C Hot

March 29°C Hot

April 29°C Extremely Hot

May 29°C Extremely Hot

June 29°C Hot

July 28°C Warm

August 28°C Warm

September 28°C Warm

October 28°C Warm

November 27°C Warm

December 27°C Cool

Phuket Weather Web Live Camera

You can check here

Phuket bird eye view from helicopter

The Climate of Phuket

Generally more and more people ask, ‘How is the Weather in Phuket in December?’ or in February? or May? What is the best time to visit Phuket? Of course, weather is not predictable, however based in historical data we can have a chance to recommend you the best options!

While Phuket is being a resort destination, travelers have the right to be worried about their upcoming vacation. When you travel quite far, has been waiting that long and invested high amount, you wish to get some sun and blue sea to swim and bring many memorable photos to your collection!

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