10 Best Destinations in Thailand

It is hard to deny that Thailand has so many places worth visiting, from the central of Thailand starting in Bangkok to each region of the country. Let’s see where you should not miss during your time here.

10 Best Destinations in Thailand by Dealsee


Proudly show you 10 best destinations in Thailand by Dealsee, you will be surprised!


1/10    Bangkok


This amazing Thai capital is a must-see destination, always in the top 10 best destination in Thailand. With a brilliant thing to see and do to suit almost any kind of lifestyle. You can explore cultural and historic sights among soaring skyscrapers and modern architecture, with incredible art galleries, and amazing museums.

For shopping lovers, there are various scene of markets, from local to high-end brand name, unique floating markets, and mega malls. If you love eating, Bangkok provides you everything from fancy restaurants, fine dining, Michelin’s, to street food. There will always the idea to go wild, nightfall is as much fun as the day, with nightclubs, live music, hidden cocktail bars, or fancy rooftop bars. Muay Thai biggest match is always there to see too.

No worries about how to get around in this town, many options to offer e.g. BTS sky train, MRT subway, public buses, taxis, and Tuk Tuks. Plenty of accommodation to be your choice, any of your preference and budget from shared dormitory, hostel, Airbnb, rental apartment, to five stars hotel.


2/10    Chonburi


Chonburi is the main Eastern province of Thailand, and where the famous Pattaya is. While most tourists mainly come to visit Pattaya for nightlife and some other sightseeing, there are also numerous other places to explore across Chonburi to support the idea that this place is in 10 best destinations in Thailand.

Chonburi another area that is only half an hour away from Pattaya, you can visit waterpark, vineyard, and Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan Buddha) in that area. The 130-meter-high Buddha Mountain is one of the most noticeable landmarks in the region, you can see even you are miles away. The image was carved by laser and inlaid with gold leaf.

Besides Pattaya Beach, there are a few islands around here to hop on a ferry and explore; Ko Sichang is one of the larger islands located off the coast here, and Ko Lan is only a few miles off the coast of Pattaya.


3/10    Ayutthaya


The UNESCO-listed ancient city, Ayutthaya is a must-visit for history geeks. Just an hour from Bangkok, then you can feel like you are back on a journey in time to Siam’s golden age. Many photogenic temples and full of historical history to learn e.g. Wat Yai Chai Mongkorn, Wat Mahatat, Wat Ratchaburana, and Wat Si Samphet.

Do not miss the Ayothaya floating market to pick up souvenirs and try nice local food. No questions why Ayutthaya is one of the 10 best destinations in Thailand.


4/10    Kanchanaburi


This province is a perfect combination of nature and war-time sightseeing, located in the west near the Burmese border. The popular spot for tourists is the bridge over the river Kwai. You can also visit the Death Railway to see the beautiful views and it will take you back to the old time when people lost their lives during
the railroad’s construction. Another place cannot be missed is Erawan National Park to see one of the most stunning waterfalls in Thailand. Nearby is Phra That Cave to explore the beautiful stalactite and stalagmite inside.

If you feel like going for a picnic, Sai Yok National Park is a nice option for that. You can have a good time alongside smaller waterfall there. For those who wish to escape from the crowd and do not mind travelling a bit further, Huay Mae Khamin at Srinakarin Dam National Park is highly recommended. You can see the stunning 7-level waterfall there offering splendid scenery.

So, Kanchanaburi is always on the top-list of 10 best destinations in Thailand especially for the adventurous ones.


5/10    Surat Thani

Surat Thani

Most people go to Surat Thani for a transit to islands out there e.g. Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, and Ko Tao.
Ang Thong National Marine Park and Ko Nang Yuan is also parts of this province. So, not many people will spend more than a few hours in this town since they do not know where the hidden gems are. Let’s explore together. Rajjaprabha Dam is one of the most popular places for Thai, also called Chiao Lan.

You will experience a range of limestone mountains emerging from the sea and sky with so many things to do within the lake e.g. sightseeing by boat, staying overnight on rafts, kayaking. It is one of a perfect place worth spending time with a group of friends. Another National Park is a must visit is at Khao Sok. The place is one of the most bountiful tropical forests in Thailand. The Park has a diversity of ecosystems and wildlife and turning to trekker’s favorite of all time. Besides Trekking, you can also try canal tubing in Khlong Sok, kayaking, and elephant riding.


6/10    Phuket


The most popular tourist destinations and the largest island of Thailand, Phuket has many things to discover. Let’s start from the highlight in town, Phuket Old Town is a charming combination of Sino-Portuguese cultural blend. You can find colorful and unique buildings for making chic photo shot.

Plenty of souvenir shops as well as local restaurants where you can find authentic Phuket food there such as Mee Hokkien (yellow noodles with brown gravy and red porks), Bee Hoon (dry vermicelli with fried shallots), Kiean (deep fried local sausage made from pork and taro, Lo Ba (deep fried pork giblets with sweet brown sauce), and dessert Oh Eaw (jelly made from banana served with shaved ice and syrup.

After meal, take a ride to the south of the island to visit Promthep Cape, Wat Chalong and the Big Buddha are two of Phuket’s most popular cultural destination. Both Promthep and Big Buddha has viewpoints provide amazing sunset and good vibe. You cannot leave Phuket without going to Patong, one of the most popular hubs of nightlife in Thailand. Besides that, you can experience world-class shows, and Muay Thai fights. Phuket also has a numerous pretty beach to go snorkeling, jet skiing, and surfing.   You can save on airport transfer with us, just book it here!


7/10    Krabi


The last recommendation of the south for the 10 best destinations in Thailand goes to Krabi. This town offers splendid experiences both on the mainland and on its islands. Phi Phi is always one of the most picturesque islands in Thailand; look up Maya Bay and Phi Phi Viewpoint then you know why.

Ko Lanta is a more relaxing island, with long sandy beaches, chilled-out beach bars, and greeny mangroves. Moving to the mainland, Railay is a scenic paradise for rock climbers, Ao Nang is a vibrant tourist hub with relaxed atmosphere, and Krabi Town has a local vibe.


8/10    Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

It is time for the north, no one would ever skip Chiang Mai, referred to as the northern capital.
The city offers the mellow combination of culture and nature. With temples in every corner to go, it will be so delightful for the culture lover like you! Do not forget taking your family to Chiang Mai Night Safari. If zoo is not the thing you are looking for, you may go hiking in jungles, rafting along rivers are also exciting!

Still not enough? Head to the highest point of Thailand at Doi Inthanon. You will meet ethnic hill tribes there, as well as many stunning waterfalls. There are lovely elephants at an ethical sanctuary waiting for you too. Enjoy your night at local night markets to buy creative handmade souvenirs, yummy street food, even listen to live jazz at bars along the street.

If there is still some time for you on the next day to ride a motor bike around the city, you can start from a cub of coffee in a fantastic café. Then continue your trip to the hill e.g. Doi Suthep, Doi Ang Khang, Doi Mon Cham, Doi Mon Chong – all is so nice and chilled!


9/10    Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai

Chiang Mai’s neigbhorhood and one of 10 best destinations in Thailand of all time, Chiang Rai. The province shares borders with Myanmar and Laos. The point where the three countries meet is called Golden Triangle, you can also visit there. Chiang Rai offers hiking and trekking in more chilled out feeling compared to Chiang Main since it is less tourists.

Many local hill tribe ethnic groups to meet and many waterfalls and hot springs to visit. If you like flowers and chilly weather; Mae Fah Luang Garden at Doi Tung is worth a visit to experience the smell of Lanna in the middle of flower garden. Chiang Rai is also home to one of Thailand’s most unique temples, the most famous one is the white temple – Wat Rong Khun.


10/10  Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son

Last but not least for the 10 best destinations in Thailand, the mountainous city – Mae Hong Son. This province shares a border with Myanmar and have a large proportion of people from the Shan ethnic group. The most popular spot for tourists is Pai, for you who love nature and a chilled-out life.

It used to be a popular place for hippies to hang out with highlights include Pai canyon, waterfalls, hot springs, and the area you can go for good hiking and exciting tubing along the river.

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